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Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is undoubtedly a special place. It is what makes Jackson special, coupled with the limited supply of private land that makes housing unaffordable for people in our community who make essential contributions in our community that we rely on everyday.


However, solutions to conserve our community exist. 


Forever Jackson Hole is a planned giving solution to a community-wide problem resulting from an inverse supply and demand equation that is pushing out vital members of our community.



Leave an enduring legacy through the donation of future EQUITy from the sale of your home 

Forever Jackson Hole is a program for homeowners to leave an enduring legacy on the community they've loved so dearly by pledging a charitable donation tied to the future sale of their home.

Born out of the overwhelming desire to give back to a town that has given so much, a group of forward-minded community members came up with the idea to pledge a contribution of proceeds from the future sale of their home to a charity whose work is dedicated to the development of truly affordable housing for local workers - The Community Housing Trust, a not-for-profit Affordable housing developer in Teton County, WY.

This program is meant to be a way for individuals who would like to give back and help preserve the soul, character, and support those who sustain Jackson Hole.


How it works



Determine Pledge Amount and Execute Agreement

Determine whether the property in question will have equity to make a pledge / charitable gift. 

The binding pledge may be a percentage of the sale amount or a flat dollar amount.


Once determined, execute an binding Pledge Agreement (a template agreement can be found here) and sent to the Community Housing Trust.

Note: Consult an attorney and/or tax advisor regarding your specific scenario.


Record Memorandum of Pledge Agreement

Record binding Pledge Agreement against the title of the property to notify the public (and future title companies) that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of your home should be directed in accordance with the Pledge Agreement. 

Note: Details of the Pledge Agreement will remain

confidential and will not be a part of the public record.

The recorded memorandum will notify the closing title company where to find the details of the pledge and the subsequent gift will be donated.


Execution of Pledge Agreement Upon Sale

Upon sale of the encumbered property, the recorded memorandum will notify the closing title company of the binding pledge agreement and the charitable contribution will be conveyed to the Community Housing Trust to be used for the development of permanently Affordable housing.  

make a
meaningful impact

The housing imbalance in Teton County
affects every aspect of our community

Without a way to sustainably fund truly Affordable housing projects, the community that we love so much will not be the same for generations to come. Join the forward-thinking group of homeowners who want to give back in a meaningful way to keep our amazing community Forever Jackson Hole by donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of your home to this beloved community.

Make your pledge today.
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